The Azure 2.0 stands out as the ideal suit for those beginning their open-water swimming or triathlon journey. Alternatively, it serves as an excellent training suit, allowing you to preserve your best suits for competitions. This suit integrates several of ZONE3’s signature features, assuring a speedy and comfortable swim.


The water surface breaking “Extreme Flex” 2mm neoprene guarantees exceptional flexibility in the shoulders and arms, facilitating a comfortable and efficient swim, conserving your energy, and reducing fatigue as you move freely through the water.

Improved Body Position

Strategically placed 4mm Core Support Buoyancy Panels throughout the suit optimize your leg and hip position in the water, elevating them for a more streamlined and efficient stroke, reducing drag and fatigue.


The Azure wetsuit boasts the advanced SpeedFlo coating that minimizes water resistance when moving through the water.

Ease of Use

The iconic ZONE3 Silicone-coated Slim-Line Pro-Speed Cuffs on the wrists and ankles enhance removal speed, saving time and conserving your energy. Additionally, the high-quality YKK downward zipper simplifies putting on and taking off the suit.


The Azure incorporates a lower neckline, a superior fit, and glued and blind-stitched seams throughout, ensuring it stands as one of the most comfortable entry-level wetsuits available. Bonded seams and the refined fit guarantee a pleasurable swim.